The Myth of the Golden Ratio

There is a famous story the people tell. Some say it is 4,000 years old, others say it has always been told. It is so ancient and it has been versed so many times we are born knowing it.

Let I remind you how it goes…………

“Millions of moons ago, our ancestors lived at one with the earth connected to the Great Cosmic Mystery. There was balance in the land and harmony in the sky. No one suffered and nothing died. Everyone was blessed with the Subtle Body, giving the people super-human powers beyond your wildest imagination. There was a deep unshakable peace and prosperity. The people had no knowledge of good and evil. For in a world of real peace and real prosperity there is no need for judgement.

All around trees grew strong and tall bearing fruit so sweet and so juicy one bite alone would create a waterfall of heavenly nectar that would irrigate the whole forest leaving a honeyed residue on the surface of the ground. Other trees bore nuts so nutritious they alone would provide a perfectly balanced meal. Between the trees wild vegetables and mushrooms grew from the fertile soil creating an unlimited bounty of the most delicious food ever tasted. The air and the water were so pure you could breathe without inhaling and drink without swallowing. The rivers were so full of fish, the people did not need hooks to catch them, they merely knelt down and plucked them with their fingers, of course always sure to give thanks and blessings to the humble fish for offering his or her flesh so willingly.

The Oceans were so full of life you could walk from one continent to the next on the backs of turtles and whales. The animals were not afraid of the people, safe in the knowledge that we meant them no harm. The world was truly filled with joy. Every moment was celebrated, every molecule charged with love. Nobody worked; they simply played all day long. Everyday was a festival. The air was filled with laughter, songs and the beat of the drum. When night fell, the rhythm of romance pulsated throughout the world: for the stars in the sky and the life in the earth were deeply in love.

All of this was sustained by one thing and this one thing, was sustained by all.

‘The Golden Ratio’

The people revered the Golden Ratio. And they gave thanks and blessings for the Golden Ratio. One day the people realised that without the Golden Ratio they would be lost. With this realisation a seed of doubt was sown. What would they do with out it? How would they survive? What would they eat? What would they drink? Fear took root in the minds of the people. They began to protect the Golden Ratio. They called upon the Archetypes to guard the Golden Ratio. They became possessive of it. No one owned it, indeed no one owned anything, but in the pursuit of safeguarding that, which was most precious to them, rules and hierarchy were put in place to govern and administer its bountiful gifts. People tried to quantify it so they could replicate it. This seemed like a sensible idea. But how can you replicate something beyond comprehension? Amongst other things these experiments led to the creation of mechanical time. People even began exchanging little bits of metal for food and water. In the past people just ate and drank. There was such an abundance no one needed to measure or count how much they took. But fear drove them on. They had to guarantee the continued harvest of the Golden Ratio. But nothing was ever guaranteed. Eventually people stopped revering the Golden Ratio. In its place they bowed down to the Administrators, little men in funny costumes who claimed to possess the power of the Golden Ratio. Some even stopped believing in it altogether and confused by the tricks of their own egos, began to believe that they were the all powerful masters of the world.

Suddenly and without warning, the worst fears of the people became reality. The Golden Ratio vanished. No one knows precisely when, how or why, but it was gone. No matter how hard they tried, how far and wide they searched the Golden Ratio was nowhere to be found. The people were lost. The land became unbalanced. The sky was filled with dissonance. For the first time, gripped with despair, the people began to suffer. Our bodies became mortal and disease spread death to all corners of the land. All of a sudden what had been an abundant world now seemed desolate and scarce.

The people blamed each other. Various stories were concocted to explain the disappearance of the Golden Ratio. Each centred on one scapegoat or another. Some of the little men blamed a woman for being tricked by a snake. “It was her! It was her! I saw her talking with the snake. He tricked her into betraying our beloved Golden Ratio, and now we are being punished!” Others blamed a boy for bargaining with a wolf. He allegedly exchanged the Golden Ratio in return for his own life. “It was him! It was him! He told me. The wolf was going to eat him, so he gave away the Golden Ratio in return for his life! Now it is gone!” There was the tale of the child that opened a forbidden magical box. Within this box was a chaotic force that when unleashed destroyed the Golden Ratio. “That child opened the forbidden box! I saw her! I saw her with my own eyes!” The elders say it was because we all betrayed the Golden Ratio, using it for selfish means. As punishment the archetypes took it away. The Gardeners blamed the Administrators for trying to control and own the Golden Ratio. This was the true betrayal that led to its disappearance they believed. Countless other stories, myths and legends exist that explain the cause of this unthinkable catastrophe. However, ultimately it is irrelevant. Either way it was gone with no sign of return.

The people became divided. Blaming each other for hiding or stealing the GR. One time loving neighbours became sworn enemies. Tribes competed for dominance. War spread throughout the land.

People now had to struggle survive. They no longer played and only occasionally sang. They worked. They worked every waking hour just to stay alive.

The war was vicious and violent. It continued from one generation to the next until war became a way of life. People even began to wage war with nature herself.

In order to survive each tribe came up with their own strategy. Largely speaking we can say two dominant strategies persisted. First, some tribes found ingenious ways to exploit and extract things from the land. They ruthlessly took what they believed they needed. They invented tools of increasing power and size to carry out this work. Overtime this developed into giant super machines that consume and devour all indiscriminately creating a monotonous monoculture where very little survives. Using chemicals to suppress what they perceive as the threat of nature. These tribes collectively became known as the Greys. They spread across the land, often residing in densely populated caves where they seek shelter from the war outside, whilst their machines gather and pump resources from the surface down to them. Many of the greys are descendants of the small men and the administrators. They constantly war amongst themselves, having created powerful super states on all the Worlds continents competing for the little resources that remain. 

Other tribes stayed deep within nature and nurtured her as best they could. Gathering her gifts and trying to live quiet and simple lives. They became collectively known as the Greens, many of them are descendants of the gardeners. They have been pushed to the edge of extinction by the sheer power and dominance of the Greys.


A few disparate groups of people live in between neither Grey nor Green. Some still practice daily to try and maintain the little powers that remain from the Subtle Body, although it fades with every passing of the sun. Chanting ancient mantras and performing iconic postures, they still pray for the return of the Golden Ratio and they search in earnest but it has been thousands of years since anyone came close.

Each tribe longs for the Golden Ratio and they desperately continue the search. But not to restore peace, but so they have an advantage over their enemies, become all-powerful and win the war. Despite all their best efforts the Golden Ratio remains elusive. No one has seen or heard any sign of it for millions of moons. “

This story has no end, for the War continues to rage on and on to this present day. It is increasing with intensity as time goes by as the people become more and more desperate in their struggle to survive in a world of rapidly diminishing resources. We have reached the tipping point. Something must change.

It has been prophesied that a distant ancient people shall one day arrive to this world. These people are said to possess the ability to transform the least valued and most despised things into revered effects of priceless worth, the ability to turn excrement into gold. It is said that these people will find the Golden Ratio.